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Dongguan Lanyue Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
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Dongguan Lanyue Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.Is a research and development, production and sales of hand precision surface grinder, internal and external diameter grinder, various types of large water mill enterprises. Located in Chang'an, Dongguan, the factory has a 13-year history of manufacturing, designing and developing machinery and equipment. Leadership in the same industry! There are precise inspection equipment, a group of experienced and skilled equipment assembly personnel, perfect management team, clear and clear concept, with excellent production performance, stable quality, to provide customers with the greatest economic benefits of mechanical equipment for their own responsibility, keep pace with the times, innovate constantly, customer customization!

Enterprise Spirit: Strict in management, good at quality, brave in pioneering, to the world.

Enterprise motto: customer satisfaction is the goal, quality assurance is life, control process is the core, continuous change into eternity.

Quality Policy: Focus on quality, image, customer first, quality, strict management, and sustainable development.

Development goals: systematization, internationalization, scale, standardization and specialization.

Business philosophy: Fashion, because I change; Classic, because I and eternal.

Product Idea: Customer First, Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement

Employee philosophy: optimistic, dedicated, professional.

Marketing philosophy: Let's be your satisfied customers.

Management philosophy: Success comes from innovation, development comes from cooperation.

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