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The influence of worktable commutation on hydraulic surface grinder
Time:2019/1/22 15:12:45  Browse:times

The influence of commutation smoothness of worktable of hydraulic surface grinder on machining accuracy

Hydraulic surface grinder is a common machine tool for mechanical processing. There are high requirements for motion stability, commutation accuracy and commutation frequency. At present, hydraulic surface grinders are developing towards hydraulic automation, programmable control and high speed. The reciprocating speed of some hydraulic surface grinders has reached 40m/min. The motion inertia of the hydraulic surface grinder table is very large. When it reverses, the back pressure will rise sharply, which will cause the reversing impact, violent vibration and affect the machining accuracy of the machine. Therefore, the reversing stability of the hydraulic surface grinder has become a problem that restricts the improvement of the working speed and processing accuracy of the grinder and remains to be solved.
  In the hydraulic surface grinder system, the commutation mode and the commutation control parameters play a decisive role in the commutation impact.
  1 Reasons for commutation impact 

In the system of hydraulic surface grinder, when the hydraulic transmission of the grinder table changes left and right. The valve opening of the reversing valve closes instantaneously and the oil circuit is suddenly disconnected, which makes the oil in the return chamber of the cylinder unable to be discharged. The causes of the severe vibration of the worktable, which affects the grinding accuracy, are as follows:

1、1 The pressure of hydraulic system of hydraulic surface grinder is unstable. In general, the working pressure of MY1022 and MY1224 hydraulic surface grinder system is about 20 kg, which is well debugged before leaving the factory. Users generally need not adjust any more. Often, some users increase the pressure of the system in order to speed up the operation of the table, which results in severe vibration of the hydraulic surface grinder.

1.2Hydraulic surface grinder has too little or no cushion, which is the main factor of machine tool vibration.

1.3The foundation of the hydraulic surface grinder is hard enough, and the loosening of the anchor bolt is also one of the factors affecting the vibration of the grinder.

1.4The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic surface grinder has not been replaced regularly, and the hydraulic oil tank contains a lot of impurities, which reduces the performance of the hydraulic oil and results in the abnormal operation of the hydraulic system.
   2Solution to the Vibration of Working Table of Hydraulic Surface Grinder
  In view of the commutation vibration phenomenon of the hydraulic system in the operation of the hydraulic surface grinder table mentioned above. The following solutions are put forward for users to refer to when using hydraulic surface grinder to process workpieces.

2.1Hydraulic system pressure is unstable. In general, the working pressure of MY1022-MY1224 hydraulic surface grinder system is about 20 kg. It is well debugged before leaving the factory. Users generally do not need to adjust it again. During the operation of the hydraulic surface grinder for a period of time, the speed of the worktable will decrease because the hydraulic oil is replaced periodically when it is used for a certain period of time. Change the hydraulic oil and stabilize the pressure of the hydraulic system at 20 kg. (The pressure of the hydraulic system of large water mill can be appropriately higher.)

2.2Hydraulic surface grinder worktable running buffer is also well debugged when leaving the factory. After a certain period of operation, the center of the block will shift and the buffer will be reduced. Users should adjust the block in time according to the method provided in the manual, and adjust the grinder buffer in time by fine-tuning threads on the grinder valve, so as to restore the smooth operation of the grinder.

3.1Check the hydraulic surface grinder according to the installation of foundation, while checking whether the low foot of the grinder is in place, and in accordance with the requirements of debugging in place.

4.1According to the requirement of regular maintenance of the machine when the hydraulic surface grinder leaves the factory, the hydraulic oil is replaced regularly, the mechanical hydraulic oil is used, and the anti-wear hydraulic oil is easy to use, so as to keep the hydraulic surface grinder in good condition and normal operation.

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