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Knowledge description for operation and maintenance of table grinder
Time:2019/1/22 15:34:51  Browse:times

Round table grinder structure is divided into bed, rotary table, column and vertical slide, vertical slide and grinding head, grinding wheel correction, machine lubrication, machine protection, machine cooling, CNC system and machine electrical parts.

The table of the table grinder is loaded with a strong electromagnetic chuck or other different fixture, which acts on the clamped workpiece. And the grinding head of the surface grinder generally moves horizontally along the horizontal guide rail of the application plate, which is generally controlled by the horizontal feed handwheel or hydraulic drive. The pull can also move vertically around the guide of the vertical core to adjust the position of the grinding head of the table grinder and complete the vertical feed movement (or the movement can also be achieved by rotating the vertical feed handwheel). In addition, grinding wheels are usually driven directly by motors installed in the grinding head housing.

  Knowledge of operation and maintenance of table grinder
  1、Before processing, the hydraulic part of the equipment should be pre-heated for more than 5 minutes to ensure the normal hydraulic pressure.
  2、When loading and unloading the grinding wheel, the hydraulic pressure of the spindle must be turned on to ensure that there is no extrusion wear between the spindle and the bearing. Spindle cone and chuck inner hole must be cleaned.
  3、After the operation is completed, it must stop first, then turn off the hydraulic pressure and finally cut off the power supply.
  4、Every day, the machine must be cleaned up to prevent rust and prolong the accuracy and service life of the machine as far as possible.
  5、Hydraulic oil and spindle oil must be kept clean, and filters should be replaced regularly (spindle oil must be replaced once a year, and filters should be replaced once a year).
  6、Manual operation should make the x-axis and z-axis move in the process, and fast impact is strictly prohibited.
  7、Air gun should not be used to blow the guide rail of the worktable, and water should not be used to flush the spindle, so as to prevent sand and water from entering the guide rail and the spindle and destroying the oil system.
  8、Machine tools should be cleaned up every day and maintained regularly. A clear system of equipment maintenance should be established.
  9、For the vulnerable parts which determine the accuracy and quality of the table grinder, such as platform bearings, spindle bearings, filters, protective covers, etc., it is necessary to maintain and replace them regularly, so that problems can not be found in production before they are replaced and repaired, so as to avoid producing bad products and affecting production progress.
  10、Periodically check whether the oil supply of the pillar guide rail and the worktable guide rail is normal, so as to avoid the tool feeding inaccuracy and the worktable guide rail damage. If the oil supply is not smooth, the oil quantity should be adjusted in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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