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How to deal with the vibration of surface grinder facing equipment
Time:2019/1/22 15:37:09  Browse:times

The vibration of surface grinder mainly comes from the vibration of grinding wheel and motor.

The grinder motor is usually balanced when it leaves the factory, so this piece is not considered first.

On the other hand, the centrifugal force produces vibration when the grinding wheel rotates unevenly and at high speed.

Vibration will affect grinding quality and spindle accuracy.

If there are many grinders in the factory, the field dynamic balancing instrument can be used to debug, for example, the Taiwanese grinding wheel dynamic balancing PY2700G operation.

1、Set up speed sensor and stick reflective sticker. Sensors should be set up in the direction of synchronous rotation of the spindle.

2、The vibration sensor is adsorbed on the spindle near the grinding wheel.

3、Debugging grinding wheel flange requires installation of 360-degree calibration (self-engraving or attaching the attached angle ring).

4、Place the balance block at 0 degree 120 degree 240 degree. Point: New dynamic balance, open the grinder.

5、The instrument shows the measurement of vibration value, angular speed and so on. According to the prompt, the stop grinding wheel can be measured.

6、The instrument shows the position angles of moving balance blocks A, B and C. After adjustment, the grinder is started. Close to 0 degrees is A, followed by B and C blocks.

About 10 or so, the dynamic balance of grinding wheel is adjusted and the grinding wheel is repaired. Vibration Control of High Precision Grinding Machine under 0.1um

Rough grinding is controlled within 1.5um.

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