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How to control the voltage and current of WEDM correctly?
Time:2019/1/22 15:38:52  Browse:times

 How to control the voltage and current of WEDM correctly?

  The voltage should be controlled between 70 and 90 V in fast and medium wire cutting.

  Processing current depends on the thickness of the workpiece to be processed to determine, generally cutting the workpiece thickness below 70, current control in 2-3A can be.

  As for the current jump to 4-5A, it may be that your walking speed is too fast and short circuit is caused.

  WEDM is more troublesome, we should adjust the pulse width, pulse. Trouble.. The number of changes is too big. It's hard to say.

  For the same type of WEDM, the practices and performances of the manufacturers are different. Cutting efficiency is also different.

  No-load voltage is the voltage that turns on the high frequency but does not process the workpiece. As the thickness of the workpiece changes, the no-load voltage will also change. The voltage during processing will be lower than the no-load voltage, which is the so-called load. Thickness and load are different.

  There is a voltage regulator in the WEDM control box, and a rotary switch is attached to it. The voltage can be adjusted by rotating the switch back and forth. It is strictly forbidden to adjust voltage, change pulse width, pulse interval and pulse parameters during cutting. There is a danger of wire breakage and damage to circuit components.

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