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How to Avoid Errors of CNC Grinding Machine in Reform
Time:2019/1/22 15:39:03  Browse:times

With the development of industrialization, more and more people feel that only a small piece of grinding stone can no longer meet people's needs, so it is in this context that the Western first popular CNC grinding machine to be used, so that now there has been a wide range of applications of high-quality CNC grinding machine. Therefore, in the future, surface grinders will be accepted by more and more industrial enterprises.

CNC grinder has more advantages in practical application because of the two words of CNC. It is very precise. As long as it is set up properly, there will be no errors, and there will not be some inappropriate human operation. Moreover, it can design more difficult parts to meet the increasing demand of modern market for more difficult parts. Now let's talk about how to avoid errors in the transformation of CNC grinding machine.

First of all, we need to analyze why there are obvious errors after the transformation. Because of the influence of different factors, not only the orientation accuracy of cutting tools and other workpieces is determined, but also because of the errors in the process of grinding machine planning, the scale errors of grinding machine parts, and the errors of grinding machine equipment will also lead to errors. The grinder itself will produce high temperature heat in the operation process, not only the internal heat source of the machine but also the heat source of the external environment will lead to thermal deformation errors.

    Secondly, errors will also occur under the influence of external air flow, oscillation and humidity during processing. The general oscillation is caused by the deformation of the grinder's self-weight and cutting force.

    Moreover, the wear of spindle, cutting tool and workpiece fixture will also lead to errors in processing accuracy.

    Finally, the error of CNC grinding machine in processing comes from the following categories: part size error, thermal deformation error, equipment error, oscillation error, servo following error, interpolation error, detection error. From the above aspects to control, we can avoid excessive error in numerical control transformation and affect the quality of finished products.

  For CNC grinders, people are facing more and more problems in industrial production and creation, and mechanized production is becoming more and more powerful, and how to spend the least human and material resources for people, and to solve the biggest problem has become the most reasonable industrial production path we are pursuing. Therefore, the emergence of CNC surface grinder just solved this problem for us.

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