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How to maintain and prolong the service life of grinder
Time:2019/1/22 15:39:14  Browse:times

  With the improvement of the market environment, the close attention of the state to the machinery manufacturing industry, the implementation of strategic processing and manufacturing means and the urgent mass demand of enterprise users, the surface grinder has developed by leaps and bounds in technology and production system. Compared with the enterprises in developed countries, it has basically synchronized with the market share of our country, and the situation is active. It covers a wide range of machine tool industries. To the advanced level of the world.

  High-quality grinder can bring immeasurable benefits to society. It can improve the efficiency of enterprises, enhance the quality of machine tools, maximize the benefits of enterprises, and is the most rare good helper in the current industrial industry. Now let's talk about how to maintain the grinder to prolong its service life.

  1、Maintenance of grinder appearance: grinder appearance and motor, heat dissipation equipment surface must be kept clean, regular cleaning of polishing consumables powder.

  2、Check, tighten the handle, feed handwheel, screw, nut and other parts. Keep the machine in good condition.

  3、Grinding machine inspection: check all parts of the grinding machine screw, belt, tightness, loose should be adjusted to the appropriate.

    4、Check the wear degree of each bearing should be replaced if it is damaged, and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

    5、The guide rail should be cleaned up, and the guide rail should not be equipped with polishing consumables powder.

    6、Electrical appliances: Clean motor and electrical box regularly. Electrical devices are fixed tidily and reliable.

    7、Check and fasten the zero connection device. Check the press and twist switch. If there is a problem, it should be replaced immediately to avoid unnecessary danger.

  Grinding machine is only a kind of machine tool processing equipment, but it will also affect the development of the commodity industry.

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